FREE 2024 Global Astrology Forecast “TWO SIDES OF THE WORLD”

Discover How Western Powers and Eastern Tigers Will Behave In 2024, Align Yourself With Emerging Trends, Move Away From Dead-End Industries



• 25m01: 1st hotspot in the Western World - Israel, Lebanon, Iran, and Egypt

• 49m59s: 2nd hotspot in the Western World - Ukraine, Poland, Latvia

• 1h15m24s: 3rd hotspot in the Western World - Canada and USA

• 1h50m12s: Earth Era to Air Era Part 1 - The Decline of Past Earth Eras

• 2h08m32s: Industries that were huge in the Fire Era that already died

• 2h12m47s: Industries that started to arise when the Earth Era began

• 2h33m32s: Advantages of the Earth Era we enjoyed that we will henceforth lose



• 4m01s: Can Asia be our saving grace?

• 6m02s: 3 Hot Spots In The Eastern World

• 6m21s: 1st hotspot in the Eastern World - South Korea prediction

• 20m56s: 2nd hotspot in the Eastern World - Singapore, Malaysia

• 1h03m02s: 3rd hotspot in the Eastern World - Hong Kong, Taiwan, China

• 1h31m43s: Repurposing

• 1h45m56s: Earth Era to Air Era Part 2 - What Happened in Past Air Eras

• 1h54m24s: Repeated Themes from Past Air Eras

• 2h29m22s: Hard truths to move forward into the Air Era

• 2h54m02s: 7 Industries That Will Be Huge In The Air Era

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